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          Female Workers Two Cancer Screening Activities

          發布時間: 2016-11-11來源: 本站

          In order to protect the health of women workers, recently, the company's trade unions to carry out the two women's breast cancer (breast cancer, cervical cancer) screening special medical activities, the activities have been vigorously supported by the staff and workers hospital.

          Check the same day, the hospital staff to conduct a detailed registration to participate in the examination of the staff, and carefully understand the history and condition of introduction, popularization of two cancer knowledge, early detection, early treatment, to improve the reproductive health of married female workers. The hospital also established an electronic health record for every female worker, providing the full tracking service.

          It is reported that the organization of the "two cancer screening activities, is an important measure of the company" love project ", the purpose is to further enhance the health consciousness of female workers, the popularity of married women of childbearing age" two "cancer prevention and health knowledge, prevention and early detection of breast, uterine diseases, reduce two cancer brought female life threat.