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          Re Organization Of The Group To Carry Out The Second Staff Badminton Competition

          發布時間: 2016-11-11來源: 本站

          To enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, to cultivate the courage to forge ahead, the spirit of unity and cooperation in recent days, the group organized by the group to carry out the organization's spare time to carry out the second staff badminton team competition". This competition is one of the second workers games, mixed team competition for men and women, including the mixed doubles, men's singles, women's singles three projects, take to draw the game, a total of 54 employees in the 16 Division will participate in the competition.

          In the game, some players might be roughly the same, they resorted to diamond cuts diamond, blocking, smash, exhaust all the skills before net shot, see the audience thrilling; some players between the strength of the poor, but they do not give up, won warm applause from the audience did not fail the spirit. Although the game will be the outcome, but the spirit of "friendship first, competition second" principle, the players on the field is the opponent, but the field has established a profound friendship.

          The players in many round of competition in the fierce competition, race out of the level and style, showing a good spirit of the staff. After several rounds of fighting, the final Shunchang Division will team won the first prize, the equipment division will team won the second division, technology will represent the team won the third prize.