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          The Company Held The "Dedication Of My Contributions Re Tim Glory" Theme Photography Contest.

          發布時間: 2016-11-11來源: Labour Union

          In order to further strengthen the propaganda level of photography staff, show staff dedication, positive enterprising spirit, recently, the trade union held the "dedication than the contribution of   I shigemichi Tim glory" theme photography contest and the outstanding works were exhibited.

          This game requires staff works closely reflect the production scene theme. Each division will attach great importance to the company, active participation of the majority of employees, were received from the 16 division of labor will be more than 40 paintings, these works are mostly from the production line, welding, lifting, grinding... One... Production scene is a true record, intuitively reflects the weight of people perseverance firmly, good spirit to work hard the.

          After the jury selection, the final wind electricity union Thomas works "difference is in the details" won the first prize; the wind electricity union of dawn "," organ Division will strict in demands of Chiang Jingning "fireworks" won the two prize; Technology Division will Liu Huan "re -" dream labor beauty, Liu Xuegang's "three yuan flow leaves hot pressing" and the environmental protection division will "get" Jiang Yu's skilled craftsmen third-prize.

          And organize the judges in the scene to the work of the review and guidance.