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          1.Capable persons can be employed; good virtue persons can be promoted. Capable and virtue persons will be promoted exceptionally. Persons with virtue but poor capability will be trained and promoted. Persons without virtue but with capability will be limited to employ. Persons without virtue or capability will not have any chance to be employed.

          2.Persons with capability and virtue can be leaders; persons with capability but without virtue only can be middle-class employees, persons without practical capability only work in the base-class employees. Persons with intelligence can be assistants of leaders and persons without capability or inactive should be fired.

                Company focus on long-term development and the overall demand of talents to recruit talents through universities and social human resource markets. Employment standards adhere to the people-oriented and pay attention to the talents in the "recruitment, education, utilization, retention". The company strengthens management of talents and build-up talent team to provide a strong foundation of talents in order to meet the requirements of sustainable development of company.