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          In 1953, successfully developed air hammer.

          In 1957, successfully developed CKH-6 oil pumping unit for the oil field and won the gold prize in Leipzig International Fair.

          In 1964, Independently designed and manufactured centrifugal refrigeration machine (cooling capacity: 1,200,000 Kcal/h, Refrigerant: R11) and corrosion-proof high temperature fan (model: FW9-35No.15.5).

          In 1967, successfully manufactured low temperature centrifugal refrigeration machine (model: FTL100-41, evaporting temeprature:-30℃).

          During 1967--1973, developed marine air-conditioning turbo machine and ammonia circulation compressor for military project and made an important contribution to China's nuclear submarine and hydrogen bomb. At the same time, provided marine centrifugal refrigeration machine for "Yuanwang" and "Xiangyanghong" scientific investigation ships.

          In 1974, successfully developed ammonia low temperature centrifugal refrigeration machine with larger cooling capacity  in China ( single cooling capacity: 6,250,000 Kcal/h, evaporting temperature: -27 ℃).

          In 1987, exported high temeprature fan to Pakistan for the first time.

          In 1993, successfully developed R123/R11 compatible centrifugal refrigeration machine and won the prize of national torch plan.

          In 1996, successfully developed centrifugal compression and condensing unit with multi-evaporting temperature ( 5 evaporting sections, the lowest evaporting temperature: -50℃).

          In 1997, successfully developed domestic special centrifugal refrigeration machine for nuclear power station, certificated environmental label in the same sector and mounted in Qinshan Nuclear power station.

          In 2000, provided high temperature fan for the first cement production line (daily production capacity of 5000 tons) in Conch Group.

          In 2003, provided compelet-set large-size fan for Tibet Gaotian Cement Factory,  more than 3700 meters above seal level.   

          In 2008,  successfully developed large marine centrifugal refrigeration machine and used in  "Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning" .  

                        And successfully produced first set of 850KW large blades of wind power turbine and filled the gap in Chongqing wind power trubine blades.

          In 2009, successfully developed new generation of BCD series aeration blowers; produced high temperature and abrasion-proof heat recuperation fan for 5,000,000 tons of pellet project and used  for more than 2,000,000 tons of pellet project.

          In 2012, successfully developed carbon dioxide compressor and propylene compressor.

          In 2014, successfully developed new generation of high-efficiency centrifugal water chiller. 

          In 2015, successfully developed centrifugal water chiller for advanced third generation of nuclear power project and 3D high-efficiency energy-saving centrifugal fan. 

          In 2016, successfully developed high-efficiency energy-saving fans and system application technology, brokethrough of bottle-neck for technology of  energy-saving and emission reduction of fans in the cements and iron&steel etc. sectors and reached advanced level in the same products.

          In 2017, successfully developed low vibration and low noise centrifugal fan.

          In 2018, successfully developed new generation of high-efficiency frequency conversion direct-drive centrifugal water chiller, with Grade 1 of national energy efficiency level.